If you lose your #mobile phone, you can #trace it without going to the police. Most of us always fear that our phones may be #stolen at any time.
Each phone carries a unique
#IMEI no. i.e. International Mobile Equipment Identity No which can be used to track it anywhere in the world. This is how it works: 1. Dial *#06# from your mobile.
2. Your mobile phone shows a unique 15 digit.
3. Note down this number at a secure place except in your mobile phone itself as this is the #number which will help trace your phone in case of theft.
4. Once stolen, just E-mail this 15 digit IMEI No. to with details as stated below: Your name:____________________
Phone model:_____________
Last used No.:_____________
E-mail for communication:_
Missed date:_________________
IMEI No :_______________________
5.Your Mobile will be #traced within next 24 hours via a complex system of GPRS and internet, You will find where yo…

How to get 20gb free on MTN, but its valid for just 24hrs

How to get 20gb free on MTN, but its valid for just 24hrs.

MyMTN app is the company’s smartest way to access your MTN Services. MyMTN APP is an all in one self care app that gives you full control in managing your phone account, monitor your usage pattern, manage your data usages and subscribe to products and services from your mobile device, all on-the- go.
With MyMTN App, Everything is now a touch away. Download now and take charge of your account management. MTN is in the season of giving out the freebies and data for surfing and downloading from the internet, and guess what? We all can partake from the awesome deals. Say hello to MyMTN app!

But how exactly can this be done?

*STEP 1:* Make sure you have not used the MTN SIM to register on MyMTN app before following below steps.

*STEP 2:* Download MyMTN Mobile App on playstore and register on it. Then, you will be given FREE 500MB.

*NOTE:* But note that on top of the app, they will tell you to claim the 500MB but do not claim it ye…

How to Earn free cash from palmpay


It's an app for transferring,  receiving money, buying airtime and recharging just like jumia one but 20% off.

It is under testing now so you have the chance to win thousands of palm point when it is launched in August..

Steps to Earn >>
To get this offer
πŸ”Έ Simple go to playstore app
πŸ”Έ Search for palmpay or click
πŸ”Έ Download the app
πŸ”Έ Register and input.  08078469365   as invitee mobile number to get 100 palm points.  πŸ”Έ You can then spin wheel and invite your friends for more palm points.

That's all you need to do.

Don't forget to enter 08078469365 to get 100 palm points.

How to get Free Airtime using Viskit App

Latest free Airtime paying app Viskit

Things you should know about Viskit 
With the social media app Vskit you can record videos, add eye-catching effects, and share them with all your friends and followers. Enjoy this entertaining and interactive way to share all the special moments in your life and join a huge online community!
Vskit works just like similar social apps, which makes it very easy to use. Although you can watch videos uploaded by other users without an account, you’ll need to create an account before you can add your own videos. Once you’ve created your profile, upload videos by simply tapping on the menu's center button, and picking out some content to share with the world! Whether you record a video right from the app, or add a video from your gallery, you can add all kinds of songs and stickers to create a personalized video from start to finish!
But if you would rather watch videos created by other users, simply browse through trending videos on Vskit's mai…


9jaflaver blogger template is a simple blogger template made from the default Simple Inc template. 
See also>>Entclass blog Theme
   This template is 100% responsive,SEO friendly and can adjust to fit any device screen size be it mobile device or desktop device. This theme is designed exactly like the original one used on 9jaflaver.
Download 9JAFLAVER BLOGGER TEMPLATE below πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡(9jaflaver theme download)


You may be reading this post because you are a Blogger who is determined to get huge traffic on his blog..
Well, building backlinks and keywords research isn't the only way to improve on your blog SEO,they are others ways like which will be discussed in this article...

1>>Google uses the keywords in your image ➡

1) alt text 2)alt title
3) src  to show images each time a visitor searches a particular keyword.

2>>Image optimization also helps search engine bots to detect the meaning of your image from alt titles and texts...

There are two methods of doing this >>

√ Manual method: 
This is done my tapping on the image before uploading >> click on properties >> then add ur keyword.

√ Automatic method: 
•Login to

•Navigate to Themes > Edit HTML.

•Search for </body> or &lt;/body&gt , then copy and paste the below javascript code just above the bo…

VivaVideo Pro v6.0.1 Premium Full Download

VivaVideo Pro v6.0.1 Premium Full

Features Download Are you a Vlogger and need an app to edit your videos before uploading it on YouTube? Well you need VivaVideo,but the problem is that most features are restricted in the free version, that is the reason kelvztech blog is here with VIVAVIDEO pro v6.0.1 Premium Full Free Download . 
 VivaVideo Pro is solely a developed Android app by a developer as it is widely preferred by so many people due to some of the functions it can carry out, one of the intriguing feature of VivaVideo Pro Apk full unlocked Premium Mod has the ability to make movies and edit to the fine tune, texture placement and many other features you may like.
Among other features you may like is the ability to trim videos, editing videos, share to social medias apps and even directly to YouTube for those who engages in vlogging.

Quality HD videos
 ➡ Effective to use
 ➡ Sliding photo show
 ➡ Easy to export to gallery
 ➡ Easy to use
 ➡ Mer…

How to answer Surveys Questions on POLLPAY

How to answer Surveys Questions on POLLPAY

  Now I'm moving to on how to answer question so as not to get disqualified on POLLPAY pay survey .

Hope you read our previous Article on >>How to sign up for POLLPAY Survey

  √When you see questions that says do you or any member member of your following work in any of the following and they list things like: ADVERTISING, MARKETING, MEDIA. You should select a capital NO and note they'll definitely add like two more things example they can add fruit company or vegetables company that means the survey is based on fruit and vegetables so they don't want people that work in those product company because they believe they'll not speak the truth they'll be supporting their company product and will not give an honest answer.
  So when you see questions like that in  any survey always select "NO" that you're not working in any of the following company..

√ Read before taking a Survey
 Sometimes the researchers…